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Robin started working at Damiano three years ago. Prior to that, she volunteered for 17 years, primarily in the Free Store. Robin believes that the Damiano Center is important because there are so many people in the community who are in need. Robin is motivated by the gratitude that guests have when she helps them meet their needs; this is why she has come back day-after-day for so many years.

Robin is currently the Community Services Specialist, and the changes in her day-to-day work have been huge. Typically Robin's office is a hub of connection to services offered both inside and outside the Damiano Center. In addition to support and referrals, Robin provides guests with free hygiene items, household goods, and other necessities. Her program also provides a free community phone and mailboxes for people who are homeless.

When asked about the changes due to COVID-19, Robin says,"We are doing things differently by wearing masks that we've all had to get used to...gloves, and distancing. We're still serving the individuals in need, just in a different way." Robin's office is closed, and she ensures that hygiene items and other necessities are available to people when they visit for meals. Since Damiano can no longer accept volunteers, Robin and other staff have had to step in to support the Community Kitchen's efforts, so she now spends most days in the Community Kitchen preparing bagged meals.

If you have never been to the Damiano Center, Robin wants you to know that

"it's not just for the low-income, it's for everyone that needs help."

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