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Free Store

Each year hundreds of thousands of articles of clothing and household goods are distributed to people in need. The Clothing Exchange opened in 1983, and was renamed the Free Store in 2018. It is primarily operated by volunteers from the community. All items are donated, and all are given away free of charge to those in need.

Program Hours 


Mon-Wed, and Friday

9 am - 3 pm.

Closed Thursdays.


Donations that we accept include:

  • household goods of all sorts (bedding, kitchen wares, towels, etc.)

  • small appliances that work (toasters, coffee makers, small microwaves)

  • casual clothing and footwear in good and clean condition

  • plastic grocery bags

If you are conducting a clothing drive, or if you want to bring a large donation (more than a trunk load of items), please call ahead.

We do not accept:


  • dirty or broken items

  • beds, mattresses, or cribs

  • car seats for children

  • furniture

  • large appliances (refrigerators, stoves)

  • electronics (TVs, VCRs, computers, printers, any other computer peripherals, etc.)

  • Medical equipment

Donation Hours

Mon-Wed, and Friday.

9am - 3pm

Closed Thursdays.


Call 218-722-5247 with questions or if you have a large donation.

Are donations tax deductible?


Your donations of clothing or other items are tax deductible. Please ask us for a receipt. We are not able to place a value on the goods that you have donated or provide you with an itemized list of your donations.

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