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Rebecca started working at the Damiano Center in 2019 as an on-call custodian after completing community service here in 2018. During her community service her work was custodial, so the transition was an obvious one for her. What she thinks is important about Damiano is that it “provides a variety of resources for people in need.”

She continues, “I really like helping people and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people in the community. I like being able to support people and encourage them, or direct them to someone that has the information they need."

When asked what has changed and what's stayed the same for her due to COVID-19, she says, “The building is closed. I’ve gotten to know the staff well and that’s really fun. What’s stayed the same? Everything is changed."

She continues and shares her concern for some of the guests who we aren't seeing regularly anymore: "I don’t see as many people. I get concerned or wonder what’s going on with some people because I don’t see all the people I normally see.”

Someone who isn't familiar with Damiano should know, "That it’s open to everyone. It doesn’t matter your race, financial situation, if you are homeless or if you have a home, the people are nonjudgmental, they are open and polite.”

She also notes that, “Flo is a great cook.”

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