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The Damiano Center Community Kitchen has been serving meals to anyone in our community who is hungry for nearly 40 years. We see people who are homeless, who are working and unable to earn enough to survive, who have temporary expenses they are unable to meet, or are facing another challenge. We thought we had seen and heard every story of hardship there is, but now we are hearing new ones.

The pandemic is isolating our elderly and medically fragile in their homes. They are calling their neighbors and putting signs in their windows as they run out of food. People who have been stable and secure all of their lives don't know how they are going to pay their bills next month. Parents are unable to take care of their children and work at the same time. Whatever your situation, you do not deserve to be hungry, and we do not judge you. We welcome you as our guest.

Normally when you visit Damiano you see smiles on friendly faces, but now we are wearing masks. Normally you would be a guest in our dining room eating a hot meal in the community of others who care for you, but for now the dining room is closed. Normally you could get a handshake or even a hug if that is what you needed that day, but we can't do that for now since we're maintaining social distancing to help keep everyone safe. Things have changed, but we are still here and we still care.

When you visit, you are likely to see Seth outside distributing bagged meals. Here he is to tell you more:

Whatever your hardship, please feel free to get your next meal at the Damiano Center. Save on groceries and put that money towards rent or utilities. Pick up a meal for your neighbor or for your vulnerable loved one. We won't ask you any questions, and you do not need to justify your need.

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