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All Volunteer Shifts Canceled

The Damiano Center is still providing meals at regular meal times for Kids' Kitchen and the Community Kitchen. However, for the safety of staff and volunteers, we are canceling all volunteers until further notice. We are doing this in order to reduce exposure for staff, volunteers, and guests.

Wondering how you can help? We are in need of financial donations at this time, and you can make a gift on our website. You could also run a Facebook, GoFundMe or other similar fundraiser to raise money for us to continue this critical work.

You can also continue to follow us, read our blog, share our social media posts, and make sure that the community knows that we are here. We are seeing some new faces, and there are folks in our community who are food insecure right now who have never been before. They may not be aware of the resources available. They need us, and they need to know that we are here and they are welcome.

You can support your neighbors: if you have elderly folks in your community who need food support, pick up a bagged meal from Damiano and bring it to them. Do their grocery shopping and other errands. We're all in this together.

We'll keep providing you with updates as things change.

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Nov 25, 2022

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