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Seth started his position as executive director in 2017. He had volunteered previously in the Community Kitchen. He says that Damiano is important to the community because, "For 38 years Damiano has been providing essential services to anyone who needs them. Because the Damiano is here people have been fed, clothed, and received so many services that they need for daily life. And they have received these essential services without judgement and with a smile. That is so important."

Seth shares that he loves his job and is motivated to show up to work every day because of the people he works with and the guests he gets to know. He says, "This work matters because we are reminding people of their dignity...We get to look them in the eye, provide them with some of the things that they might need that day, and in doing so remind them of how important they are."

There have been many changes due to COVID-19. Seth says, "Some of our programs have had to close temporarily but our food programs have continued to operate without missing a meal. All of our jobs have shifted slightly with people taking on different roles but we are still able to provide people with food and that has been wonderful."

When asked what someone should know who has never been to Damiano, Seth responds, "I would want them to know that we provide lots of services for people in addition to food, we provide basic needs, hygiene, mail, transportation help, addiction support, children's programming, youth employment, help with clothes for work, and just clothes in general. I would also like them to know that we truly are a community center; there are also seven other non-profits in the building who also serve our guests as well."

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