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Guests of the Damiano Series

These past few months, I’ve enjoyed writing articles about the wonderful programs that the Damiano Center has to offer and my experiences so far. Now that we have covered all the programs and have begun a new year, we thought it was time for something new in the blog as well. The guests we serve are the people that drive our motivation to work hard and provide the best programs. Working at the Damiano Center every day gives us the opportunity to talk to incredible people who make us smile and laugh whenever we see them. Now we want to give you the opportunity to meet some of those people in our new blog series- The Guests of the Damiano. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be sharing stories of guests to give you a better look of the people that come inside our doors each day. A lot of them have experienced achievements and hardships throughout their life, but there’s so much more to them that is rarely seen. I’m excited to help them share their stories and I hope you will enjoy reading them as well. Check back soon for the start of the new series!

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