About The Damiano Center

Mission, Values & Philosophy of the Damiano Center

The Damiano Center’s mission is “Building a Stronger Community, Serving People In Need.”  Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of low-income, unemployed and working poor people in our community as simply and directly as possible.

We operate all our programs based on these values:

  1. Damiano welcomes people in need and, without judgment, serves them in the least intrusive way possible.
  2. Damiano promotes respect for all people in our workplace practices and in our service to individuals.
  3. We strive to meet the needs of the people we serve by getting to know them personally and responding to their changing needs.
  4. Damiano is a good steward of resources. We demonstrate honesty, integrity and accountability in the use of those resources and in all relationships, dealings and transactions.

Our Philosophy of Service


The Board and staff of Damiano incorporate a community approach to providing services.  The Center, its resources and its programs of services belong to the community of people who use them while managed by the agency and its staff.  All policies governing Damiano Center, resources and services are geared to facilitating free, accessible, participatory and responsible use.


Volunteers are an integral part of Damiano service provision.  Without volunteers, Damiano services would be fewer.  These volunteers are people who use Damiano services as well as people from many parts of Duluth and the surrounding communities.

Service Approach

The approach of staff and volunteers providing services in Damiano programs is not to view people in any blaming way.  Rather, they are viewed as people who experience enormous economic and social pressures and are struggling to assert and strengthen self-help and self-management.  They are viewed as friends, not clients, and Damiano staff and volunteers provide assistance and resources.